1When will my order be ready?
Typically all orders take 10 working days to manufacture. This is one of the best in the Industry.
2Can we put a rush on an order?
Yes we can put a rush on and order. This is handled on a case by case basis so please discuss delivery dates with your representative.
3How long will it take to install?
Typical installations take one day to install. In instances where it is just one door you are looking at as little as 3 hours for installation but always plan for a full day when scheduling your day.
4Will they haul away the old windows and doors?
Yes we will haul away your old items unless you make other arrangements.
5What kind of payments do we accept?
Cash, check or credit card (visa, mc, discover, American express).
6Do you offer financing?
We do not offer financing. Since we are a factory we have the lowest price points in town hence we do not offer financing.
7Are the windows/doors Energy Star qualified?
Yes. All our windows and doors will meet and exceed any requirements set forth in any utility rebate program. The only exception is when the customer decides they might want glass with no LoE coating which will not qualify for rebates. All of our windows and door come standard with LoE glass unless otherwise specified by the customer.
8Do you have a showroom where I might come look at your products?
Yes, our factory/showroom is located at 7027 Motz Street, Paramount, CA 90723. Please call to set-up a showroom appointment to make sure there is a product representative available to meet with you. Product Representatives spend 80% of their time in the field so it is not always a guarantee that one will be available if you walk in. Please call us at 888-470-2645 if you would like to set-up an appointment.